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Biliteracy from the Start
Kathy Escamilla, Susan Hopewell, Sandra Butvilofsky, Wendy Sparrow, Lucinda Soltero-Gonzalez, Olivia Ruiz-Figueroa, Manuel Escamilla

Biliteracy from the Start: Literacy Squared in Action shows bilingual education teachers, administrators, and leadership teams how to plan, implement, monitor, and strengthen biliteracy instruction that builds on students linguistic resources in two languages, beginning in kindergarten.

Escamilla and her team present a holistic biliteracy framework that is at the heart of their action-oriented Literacy Squared school-based project. Teachers learn to develop holistic biliteracy units of instruction, lesson plans, and assessments that place Spanish and English side by side.

La Guía de Apoyo para Docentes también contiene orientaciones didácticas para aprovechar el Calendario de Valores 2014-2015

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